In addition to finding a good casino to play at that offers security and ease of play, finding the right games to play and where they can be found is just as important. Not all slots are created equal, and not every online casino carries each slot machine. As such, cross-referencing the following reviews with the reviews found in our casino reviews section will help you find the best website that also offers the game you're most interested in.

Our Review Guidelines

Like our reviews of the casinos themselves, our reviews of individual games will be based on several different criteria, though they won't be broken down into individual categories. We'll firstly provide an info box at a glance, that contains all of the important information related to each game, such as the amount that can be wagered on the game.

Next, we'll look at other aspects of the games such as their graphical and sound presentations and how those stack up against other comparable games, their variety of play styles, and the payout odds of the machines. We'll also delve into the game's compatibility when it comes to different platforms such as desktop and mobile. We'll also look at the various options the games offer for players to customize the controls and look of the game, as well as the level of statistical tracking that is offered for players to track their exploits (or follies) in each game.

Lastly, like our casino reviews, we will award each game a final evaluation and rating out of a possible score of 10. While we encourage players to try out games for themselves, as different looks and playstyles will appeal to different players, these reviews should at a bare minimum steer players away from the real clunkers out there and towards those exceptional games that are most likely to keep them entertained.

We hope these game reviews lead you to the most exciting and rewarding game playing to be found in online casinos.