In this section we will provide detailed reviews of the many gaming sites dedicated to Canadian players. Reviews are based on extensive time spent with each website and the various games offered, as well as an analysis of the services and functionality of each.

Our Review Criteria

Our reviews are broken down into five main categories:

About Section

This section will detail some of the basic facts about the website, including how long it has been in operation, any awards or accolades it has received, and the rising or falling popularity of the websites.

The Website

This section will describe the various details of the website, including how appealing it is visually, how easy it is to navigate, the various functions that are available from it, and the amount of information that can be found on it relevant to the site and the services they offer. While the website does not carry the same weight in determining the review score as some of the other sections, a good website is often the sign of a good service provider.

The Games

This is the heart of the review, providing a detailed look at the majority of the games on offer at the site in question, as well as the software used to play them and its functionality. While most online casinos feature the usual suspects in terms of game types, and breadth and variety within each category can vary based on the site. Slots lovers in particular will want to pay a lot of attention to this section, as the greatest amount of differentiation between gaming sites is found in their selection of slots offerings.


Promotions are often one of the key aspects that separate the various gaming sites from one another. While websites and games on offer are often closely matched between sites, the promotions can make all the difference in how enjoyable the overall experience is, and can also greatly influence the difference between making a profit through gaming on the site, or slowly seeing your bankroll ebb away.

Final Verdict

Lastly, we'll sum up the review with a final overall verdict and rating on the website.

We hope these reviews prove helpful in finding an enjoyable and secure place to play and win some money.