Who We Are

We are a group of passionate and devoted Canadian online casino gamers. Like you, we love everything about online casinos; we love the games, we love the thrill of the action, and we love the atmosphere. Also like you, we struggled to find places to play that catered specifically to Canadians. Now we've found them, and want to share them and a wealth of other online gaming information with our fellow Canucks.

Our Goal

With this site we aim to share with our fellow Canadian gamers the very best places for them to play, where they'll find the best games and the best offers. Better yet, getting started on any of these sites is quick and easy, as they all use Canadian dollars. They are also playable from whichever device(s) you prefer, be it your tablet, your Mac laptop, or your desktop PC. There are also no legal woes to worry over as there are with online casinos that don't cater directly to Canadians. You can rest assured that playing at any of these casinos is completely legal for you, and that you're likewise protected by Canadian gaming laws when playing on them.

In addition to a wealth of useful links to top Canadian gaming websites, we'll also be providing updated news and guides on everything related to online gaming, specifically as it relates to Canadians. This includes reviews of the latest relevant games and websites, news relating to online gaming in Canada, and guides pertaining to all aspects of online gaming, helping you play better and smarter. We take particular pride in our reviews, and will share unbiased accounts of the games and websites we've played and let you know what you can expect from them.

We're happy to offer this website, and hope it proves an indispensable tool for online gamers. We look forward to your feedback, and hope to work with you to grow the site into the very best it can be in the coming months and years.